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Your Project is our Business

Whether your project involves organizing your existing team around a new business process or working with a vendor to implement a new tool, Kinsman Point Consulting is focused on moving you from your current state to your future improvement.  We help you organize the extra tasks necessary to implement your new process or solution into your daily work schedule.  You continue working while improving - allowing your experienced project manager to guide you to a successful finish. 

Assess Your Needs

We will work together to uncover what should or should not be included in your project.  As we progress, we will take an iterative approach; as we uncover additional needs we will analyze how those new requirements affect scope, schedule and cost Taking an iterative approach will assist in eliminating unrealistic schedules.  We will constantly reconcile the scope to your budget and schedule in an effort to resolve any issues before they arise

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Engage the Team

Your team includes every stakeholder who will be impacted by your project either directly or indirectly.  These stakeholders can be internal or external to your organization.  We will identify all of them at the beginning of the project, assess their expectations and requirements, as well as their influence interest and authority.  We will also develop an communication plan that keeps your team of stakeholders in the know throughout the project

Identify Risks

To believe that a project will not experience some level of risk is unrealistic.  Risk identification should involve all stakeholders  While we understand every stakeholder can't be involved all the time, we will work with relevant members of your team in the beginning  to identify as many potential risks as possible along with a plan to tackle those risks if they arise.  Risks will be continually re-assessed and care will be taken to identify new risks should they come up.

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Develop a Plan

Your project plan will consist of a comprehensive workplan of tasks to be completed with a timeline.  It will also include time blocks and iterations where review, training and testing can occur.  Your plan will also include clear milestones that when reached will assist in gauging whether your project is on track

Deliver and Execute

Whether your deliverables are put into practice in an iterative fashion over the course of the project or delivered at one time at the end, your team will be supported throughout to ensure your final product or result is working as designed

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