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How It All Started

Kinsman Point Consulting was born out of a desire to meet a need.  As a consultant and project manager, I have seen businesses large and small working hard to implement a new process, system or software for the purposes of creating efficiencies. While most have achieved that goal, I notice the businesses struggling the most are those that do not have a dedicated project manager to organize, plan and  monitor that project. While the staff continue to handle their day-to-day operations, Kinsman Point Consulting exists to help businesses plan their project work around their daily business operations. Your staff shows up at the appropriate time to complete the necessary project work based on the prescribed plan developed by your dedicated project manager.

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For the past 22 years, my work experience has been centered around, training, development, curriculum creation, certification, people and project management.  My industry exposure includes banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, call center operations and health care. I have participated in more than 100 implementations as either a consultant or project manager.  I have not only managed the work but I have performed the work necessary to help businesses achieve their project goals.  All of these past experiences and exposure along with my Project Management Certification through PMI allows me to apply globally recognized proven systems and real world application to every client engagement.

Origin of the name Kinsman Point Consulting

There is a quote by Helen Mirren:


"Where you grew up becomes a big part of who you are for the rest of your life"


Kinsman is the street where I grew up.  My childhood was filled with fun, learning and the creativity that comes with being a kid.  I was surrounded by a family that encouraged me to follow my dreams and strive to do my best in everything.  Looking back to that time now as an adult I know we had our share of adversity, but the family and mentors in my life were there to make sure that I saw the world through the eyes of a child whose main concern was being called in too early from playing with friends outside.   


I named my business Kinsman Point Consulting to remind me of that time.  I take the care and concern that each family member and mentor gave to me into each client engagement.  This business cares about your project and will help you get it to the finish line so that you can continue with your business priorities.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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