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The bottom line is this:  You need a TEAM LEADER that can focus on directing the work to be done on the project so that you can reap the benefits of the results.  As your project manager, Kinsman Point Consulting can get you to that expected end by implementing a traditional (waterfall) project approach, an Agile approach, or a combination of both approaches (hybrid).


Whatever approach we take we keep you at the center of it all with stakeholder engagement, risk management and clear, transparent reporting on the status of your project from beginning to end

Agile Project Planning


Traditional Project Planning 

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Scope Management

What is the development approach?

What are the defined deliverables?

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Task Definition

How will tasks be organized?

Are all deliverables represented?

Taking Notes on Financial Report

Collect Requirements

How with the work be managed?

What are the expected capabilities?

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Validate Scope

Is the product or result as expected?

How are changes addressed?

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Define Scope

What's included?

What's not included?

Online Conference

Control Scope

Has the project met all baselines?

How will scope creep be addressed?

Additional Services

SEE your way through your project

DIRECT your team to complete the work

REINFORCE a new process with your team


We will develop a project plan with dates and milestones that you can follow to complete your project

Your project plan can be developed in the software of your choice or created in a different format then delivered to you to upload internally


We will create a work breakdown structure (AKA task list) that your team can use to finish the work.  This is a more detailed breakdown of your project plan.  This can be done independently of a project plan if you choose


We can develop online or hard copy user manuals, workflow diagrams and more so that your staff has a reference of the work they are required to do. This includes working with you to revamp existing manuals and processes to creating new material.

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